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Fingerprint Credit Card
Biometric Payment Card


Only payment card on the market that provides protection against all types of frauds, yet easy to use. APS Biometric Card is simply a revolution.


  • Fingerprint Security

  • Anti-Spoofing technology

  • E-ink display to hide PAN & CVV

  • Dynamic CVV option

  • GDPR compliant


  • Normal card issuance

  • Easy market deployment

  • Standard user experience


  • Easy home enrolment without the necessity of the additional device

  • Not affected by the orientation of the terminal, card user does not need to put a finger on the fingerprint sensor while making payment


Fingerprint Scan


Only registered users can activate card and no other people can activate it. APS Biometric Card allows only genuine users to perform the payment.

Fingerprint data is encrypted and stays only in the card, it can never be regenerated by hackers. Furthermore, card users can delete the data from the card anytime before the disposal of the card.

Protected Mode - Card cannot be used

Biometric Credit Card

Card number is partially hidden,

CVV is not printed on the card

Activated - Ready to make payment

Fingerprint Payment Card

Card number is fully displayed only after fingerprint is authenticated

Activated - CVV displayed

APS Fingerprint Card

Card number on display can be toggled to show CVV only when needed, dynamic CVV is supported as well

E-ink Display

4-digits of PAN (card number) and 3-digits of CVV (card verification value) are only displayed after the authentication by the genuine card holder.

Even if the card is lost or stolen, nobody should be able to use the card neither online nor offline.

Dynamic CVV

APS Biometric Card doesn't stop here, we offer a dynamic CVV option for customers who want extra security. Dynamic CVV cards protect card users even if the server of the online merchant is  breached. Hackers will only get outdated CVV numbers which can no longer be used.

The perfect security is offered by the APS Biometric card.

Dynamic CVV

Dynamic CVV will give an additional security for online purchases, and CVV will change at pre-determined interval of few hours

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