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Global card fraud amount reached $33.45 billion and it will only go up read more

Dec, 2023

Biometric payment may be an exception to data protection worries read more

Nov, 2022

ECB's latest report of card fraud reveals  card fraud is still a huge problem read more

Jan, 2023

APS manufactured Quantum number generation biometric security card read more

Jun, 2021

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EasyAccess Card & Cold Wallet Shipped

December 15, 2023

2023 has been a largely successful year with EasyAccess Cards and new Biometric Cold Wallet Cards shipment. APS is looking for a market expansion in the year 2024. 

New Office

December 1, 2022

APS Headquarter in Luxembourg has relocated to a new office in Bascharage, Luxembourg. APS ICT in South Korea also moved to a bigger office to adapt the expansion of the business

APS - Top 20 fintech company in Luxembourg

May 20, 2021

APS has been featured on Daily Finance as a Top 20 fintech company in Luxembourg thanks to its highly innovative biometric security technology. Read more...

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