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All-in-one access control card

EasyAccess Card

APS Fingerprint Access Card

APS presents a new multi-purpose access control card called "EasyAccess Card", with fingerprint sensor hidden under the surface. APS EasyAccess card can be used for entry control, PC access, fido certified website access, closed-network payment, all functions using fingerprint security.

It can even be integrated with the public transit system to make it a do-it-all access card.



Enjoy secure logging into websites and your PC using your fingerprint instead of having to use password

Just like any other APS product, EasyAccess Card uses the best anti-spoofing technology to allow only the genuine user to be authenticated


APS Hidden Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor is hidden under the front cover to give a clean look to the card and also makes production process much easier.

The high quality capacitive sensor makes a very accurate extraction and matching.

Index Finger

With the hidden sensors, customers can be more creative with card designs and it improves the durability of the sensor as it is sealed away from dirt and dust.

It is a revolutionary technology to implement a hidden fingerprint sensor on such a thin product.

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